Tremolo Harmonica Lessons

The tremolo harmonica is the most widely played harmonica in the world. There are many instruction books, always all in Chinese...

There is little tremolo harmonica instruction in English. I've written a set of online tremolo lessons, as part of my Harmonica Academy teaching site.

Try them!

Beginners Tremolo Harmonica Lesson

This beginners tremolo harmonica lesson shows how to hold the instrument, play the first notes then play with a backing. The full list of the beginning tremolo lessons is here.

Intermediate Tremolo Harmonica Lesson

This intermediate tremolo harmonica lesson teaches a well known tune (Lord Inchquin). Asian notation is used, a cross between tab and Western music score. It works very well, the lessons outline the details. The full list of the intermediate tremolo lessons is here.

Advanced Tremolo Harmonica Lesson

This advanced tremolo harmonica lesson teaches the thirds scale, an essential component of many tunes. The full list of the advanced tremolo lessons is here.