Tremolo Harmonica Links

There are many great diatonic harmonica sites. However not many tremolo harmonica sites. Aat least, not yet. The main ones are listed here.

The Tremolo: created by Jonathan E. Brickman. The site has reviews, basic lessons and recommendations for instruments.

Tremolo Tuning: Pat Missin is the often best information source for harmonica matters, this page on tremolo tuning is a good overview. Explore the rest of his site while you're there.

Tremolo Harmonica Lessons: Harmonica Academy has online diatonic and tremolo harmonica lessons, written by Tony Eyers, the creator of this site.

Fuyin Kouqin: If you can read Mandarin, then this site has much useful tremolo information.

Scottish Harmonica: a site by David Hambley, focussing on Scottish harmonica music, usually played on the tremolo.

A Celtic Harmonica podcast by Nicolas Moreau. A fine tremolo player, he provides full and half speed versions of celtic tunes.

Daves Harmonicas: Ireland based David Hyne's online store, selling Tombo tremolo harmonicas. Much information about Irish tremolo players

YouTube tremolo lessons by Rex Gehlbach